Hand Control Unit


*Due to the global chip shortage, the price of the HCU has been increased temporarily. We are still producing the units for now, but please contact us to ensure availability.

Weatherproof ROV USB HCU (Hand Control Unit)

Warranty: 6 month manufacturer defects if seal is undamaged.

Compatible with:
– Qgroundcontrol
– EVA Mobula
– Delta Links
– and many more.

What’s included:
– 1x HCU
– 1x Joystick config software
– 1x 2m USB cable (joystick end is IP65 lockable)
– 1x USB ROV expansion board (Gift)
– 1x Expansion software license (gift)
– 1x micro usb cable (gift)

Optional molded transport case with foam insert.

Available on backorder

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This hand controller is made from a solid block of aluminum hard anodized orange. It is compatible with windows 10 USB joystick generic devices. Can be used with several ROV types that support USB. It comes with a free config software and USB expansion PCB/Control software.

– MCU runs at 120Mhz with a 13bit ADC and outputs 16bits to windows
– 3-Axis joysticks are HALL effect low profile
(Controller supports 1 top button on the joystick as an option)
– Single axis HALL effect APEM spring loaded thumbwheel for vertical control
– Axis can be configured to any of the 6 virtual axis
– Axis can be configured with a smoothing sample and deadband
– 17 virtual sliders (only 2 detected by QGC)
– 11 programmable push buttons
– 3 selector buttons (Gain, Tilt, Light)
(3 channel each)
– 3 encoders for trims (Fwd/Aft, Lateral, Vert)
– 5 programmable encoders (Gain, Pitch, Roll, Tilt, Light)
encoder buttons can be programmable
can trigger a virtual button or assigned to an analog slider
– All encoders have programmable steps
– Capable of outputting 64 virtual button signals (128 if not using QGC+4 top hat)
– Auto-Shift button for QGC
– 20×4 Character LCD display for trim, gain, selector feedback
– Can enter program mode at any time with a combination of buttons
– Can be flashed with latest MCU revision without opening the box
– IP65 USB cable provided which locks on the joystick and prevents USB disconnection (can also supply double-end + receptacle for your topside PC)
– 1 water ingress LED
– 12 spare digital input pins (internally) (9 of which can be analog inputs)
– 2 spare analog input pins (internally)
– Every encoder has an o-ring
– Every button has a gasket
– Every joystick has a gasket
– Stainless steel handles have an o-ring
– USB receptacle has gasket and dust cover
– Bottom cover has a grove and o-ring
– Bottom screws have o-rings
– 4 rubber feet

HCU setup software:
– Used to configure the joystick for your specific ROV or if you want to upgrade/flash the MCU
– Windows 10 compatible
– Save and load HCU config files
– Ready to use config files available on our download page for supported control system
– No need for special cable, it runs on the regular joystick connection

Free USB Expansion PCB:
– 6 PWM outputs (5VDC)
– Pixhawk Standard PWM pinout
– 7 Digital outputs (0-5VDC)
– External 5VDC power
– USB serial communication Baudrate 115200
– Compatible with BlueROV2

Free Expansion PCB Control Software:
– Used to communicate with the Expansion PCB
– Control 6 PWM outputs
– User programmable PWM min and max
– PWM programmable to use slider or digital input
– Control 7 Digital Output
– Each control can be assigned with a button from Delta ROV HCU
– Each control can be assigned with keyboard key.


QGC Calibration.pdf
Delta ROV HCU.pdf


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