Expanse control system


This is a remote control PCB and software. Designed as an add-on for ROV system.

3 in stock (can be backordered)



– USB power/comms via serial communication
– 7 ON/OFF 5VDC output
– 6 PWM 5VDC output

Software Features:
– Serial or UDP comms
– Compatible with BlueRobotics Port forwarding via Rpi
– Every button on UI can be assigned a button from joystick and or keyboard
– I/O 1 to 7 are latch buttons (press once to on and once again to off)
– I/O buttons have feedback from PCB (green is on) (yellow if command sent but no feedback)
– Each PWM can be assigned an axis from the joystick
– PWM Min/Max and Off can be configured
– PWM channels can be turned on/off
– PWM channels can be disabled by putting the off value to -100
– PWM channels have feedback from pcb.
– Up/Down button increments can be adjusted
– UI can be alpha-blended with background
– Bottom window shows incoming data from PCB


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