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Cable counter including:
– High precision IP65 encoder (0.3mm theoretical)
– Aluminum and Delrin swivel frame with quick release
– Transport case with cutout EVA foam and lid pouches
– 50 meter detachable data cable with IP65 plugs
– Encoder to USB MCU control box
– USB cable
– Fully programmable output string
– Config Software
– User interface

Optional long distance 485 transmission box. (Batteries not included)

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Our cable counter outputs a serial data string via the USB port on the MCU box. This string can be configured to output formats that matches your equipment. So far, its been tested with Eiva’s Navipac software, imagenex software and our Oceanvault Recoder software which displays the counter value on the video overlay.

The MCU can output mm, Meters and Feet directly from the box. When the MCU box is plugged in to your windows based machine. It is detected as a comm port and starts outputting couner values straight away. You can then configure your software to receive the string or use the free software.

There are two software that comes with the cable counter which you can download from our website:
1. The user interface allows you to control the encoder, set or reset distance and output the data string to UDP for overlay
2. The config software allows you to configure the data string, the output unit and BAUD rate

The encoder has 1000 steps per revolution. One revolution is 30cm which yields a theoretical accuracy of 0.3 mm.

It accepts various cable sizes and the wheel tension can also be adjusted.

The head sits on the frame on thrust bearing and has a +/-45deg swivel angle.

The head can be detached from the legs using a quick release.

There are 8 eye-bolts mounted on the head to attach the counter should is be used to ride the cable.

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  1. Ryan Wallace

    Amazing line counter!!!!
    Delta ROV has created the best ROV line counter on the market. We recently purchased and are highly impressed with the quality of the design, fabrication and software functionality.

    Thank you, Delta ROV

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