ROV USB Joystick V1.0


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Delta ROV’s ROV USB joystick is now available for purchase as a kit or fully assembled and tested.

It features an in house controller PCB that can apply gain and trim via encoders so you do not loose the benefits of hall effect joysticks. Because the signals are processed before they leave the controller, no additional software is required for the application of trim and gain.

The controller PCB also comes with stable voltage references for the joysticks, signal conditioning for 5V output joysticks and a 4 row of 20 characters liquid crystal display for gain and trim feedback.

The controller PCB is compatible with Windows only and is plug and play using window’s generic USB joystick drivers.

The joystick box is made of powder coated sheet metal and comes with an IP65 USB socket.

The joystick panel is made of blue anodized aluminium.

For those with budget in mind, we offer a cheaper alternative joystick. The basic joysticks are non-commercial grade, the rotation axis is also limited to +/- 20 degrees VS +/- 30 degrees for the Apem equivalent. That said, they offer the same precision and benefits provided by HALL effect sensors.

Choose the options that best suits your needs.

If you like DIY project, you can opt to assemble the unit yourself* and save!!

*Assembly at your own risk.


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