About us

Who is Delta ROV

DELTA ROV INC is a legal business entity incorporated in the Philippines Clark Freeport Zone. Fully registered with the Securities and Exchange Commision with the following stated purposes:

PRIMARY PURPOSE: “To manufacture underwater tooling solutions for the Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) industry, underwater tooling skids for oil and gas industry as well as rendering ROV services.”

SECONDARY PURPOSE: “To develop software for the oil and gas industry.”

DELTA ROV INC was founded by Mr Etienne Demers as a result of a client request to have a cost effective, reliable, high standard ROV company in the Philippines. It was incorporated in February 2015 and is now fully operational. Although it is a young firm, it benefits from the combine experience of it’s directors and employees.

Our Team

Etienne Demers
President and Managing Director
Dr Maundy Demers
Director and Health and Safety Officer
Eulo Gonzales
Assembly Supervisor
Crisanto Santiago
Assembly Technician

Mission Statement

We aim at providing best in class ROV services, Bluerobotics distribution, service, support and training.

Where other companies may be focused on maximizing profits, our target is to be the number one recommended ROV service provider.

We believe we can achieve this goal by operating to the highest standard in the industry whilst keeping our cost at par with the international market.

Our slogan is “Exceeding expectations”. We believe this sends a clear message to everyone of how we set goals for ourselves and how we intended in performing on every job entrusted to us.

Combined with this driving force, our level of technical knowledge and our experience in the ROV industry, we believe that we can live up to our promises.

Our Standards

The combined years of experience of our work force in various regions of the world working for various oil and gas operators have thought us a lot on operational standard requirements. Following the lead set forward by theses operators, we have decided to implement what we have learned in our own company. This serves 2 purposes:

– Ensure we work safely and efficiently

– Ensure we comply with the most stringent oil and gas operational requirements

We therefore follow IMCA guidances, DVN regulations, ISO 9001, NEBOSH safe work practices and standardized every process within our company whether for shore or offshore work.

As we set high standards for ourselves, we also believe we can improve and welcome any 3rd party audits to help us achieve our goals.

Anti-Graft Policy

Delta ROV inc prides itself in being a honest, trustworthy and transparent business.

Violating the Philippines Anti-Graft policy is a crime which we do not take litely. Any suspicious activity will be reported and treated as a threat to our business.

To be clear, we do not accept or paye bribes in any way shape or form.

Please ask for a copy of our Anti-Graft policy by contacting us at info@deltarov.com

Commitment to HSE

At Delta ROV we are committed to the health and safety of our employees and believe it is our duty to operate with a minimal impact on the environment.

The first thing to admit is that ROV operations and manufacturing are sectors which include risks to human life and environment. A lot of jobs can be made safer by adhearing to our safe work practices. We have developed a complete HSE program to help our employees work safely in this challenging environment.

Our HSE stay S.H.A.R.P. program is designed to focus the attention of our work force towards a thinking process before the start of any work. This thought process is recorded and reviewed using a standard Job Safety Analysis form. This allows the experience between our staff to be shared and determine how to proceed safely. In the end, working safely will always be more cost effective.

For more information on our HSE policy please contact us at info@deltarov.com

Always remember that there are no work so urgent that cannot be done safely and that safety starts with you!