BlueROV2 technical training


Delta ROV is a distributor of Bluerobotics products as well as a manufacturer of ROV accessories. We recognize that in order to support the products we sell, we need to ensure that end users can operate it safely. As such, we have put together a series of training courses to prepare every owners on how to service and operate their unit. Although these courses are aimed at companies who wish to dive on their own sites, we can accommodate queries to individuals.

This training is offered as part of the assembly of your BlueROV2 purchase.

Location: Delta ROV
Description: 2 day training on the following subject: ROV introduction, BR2 components, How the BR2 works, Basic troubleshooting, BR2 assembly
Participants: 1-4

* For training outside Delta ROV Facilities, transport, meals, accommodations must be provided or charged at cost + 15% paid prior to departure.
** Client must provide in-country logistics and VISA support if applicable
*** Client must supply his own ROV equipment.



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